Our mission:


    Create optimal conditions for the development of the metal industry companies by:

            · active support of cooperation between entrepreneurs,

            · providing knowledge and promoting innovations,

            · increasing the international competitiveness of the metal industry,

· making of added value for the companies  cooperating 
within the cluster.

We support a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in the region through active cooperation between members of the cluster, and through cooperation with the sphere of education and the public sector. Our goal is higher specialization of the region .


The following features distinguish us:


· we build good relationships between entities in the cluster, actively cooperate with the sphere of education and the public sector

· we operate to create a competitive advantage of the cluster, its members, and the region of Lubuskie


· we create new conceptions and solutions for the transfer of knowledge, research and applications of innovative technologies and we initiate common projects .


· we make the transfer of knowledge, research and development and applications of innovative technologies,

· we create added value for the cluster companies to increase their competitiveness.


· we provide competent service of companies adequate to the needs of cluster members.


· We are an organization engaged in international cooperation.

We are an important partner  for Lubuskie Province in the area of its cross-border cooperation.


Leading specializations of the members of the Lubuski  Metal Cluster :

· welded structures for industry, energy , construction , environmental protection and agriculture

· automated, precision machining of aluminum die-cast

· offshore structures , structural components of wind turbines

· construction machinery and equipment and automated production lines for various industries (such as automotive, food , energy )

· production and processing of iron castings used in the automotive, construction of boats and ships , construction machinery and tools and castings for agricultural machines

· construction , repair and modernization of boilers and auxiliary equipment

· overhaul , repair and modernization of the mechanical part of turbine and with auxiliary equipment

· construction machines and production lines for wood,
conventional and numerically controlled and complete lines for the bonding of

· steel structures of halls, light steel structures , equipment for animal farms

· fireplaces and ovens , stoves, free standing fireplace
and advanced heating equipment

· implementation of a complete industrial obiects

· comprehensive transfer of factories and production lines

· mechanical  and metallography testing of steel and welded joints ,
including plastic

· destructive and non-destructive testing (VT , PT , MT, UT, RT) of welded joints and metallographic examination of macro-and microscopic

· disposal of municipal , industrial and hazardous waste management consulting and environmental education

· services accredited laboratory physico- chemical performing specialized analyzes to the needs of industries related to waste management

· 3D measurement laboratory services in the field of coordinate measurement

· research and commercialization of innovative environmental technologies and services

· training and consulting services in the field of international management standards, assessment of conformity of products and persons’ certification


The main technologies used in enterprises affiliated to the LMC :

· machining on conventional machine tools and numerically controlled (multi-axis turning and milling)

· automatic oxygen , plasma and laser steel cutting

· welding technologies, qualification of welding 
according to PN-EN ISO and ASME CODE

· hot dip galvanizing, painting

· forged

· assembly of machines, equipment and installations

· technology of manufacturing gray iron castings molded manually 
and by the complete form

· 3D measuring technology

· vibration measurement, alignment of shafts and couplings, balancing of rotating elements

· machining  of cogwheels